Monday, January 24, 2011

Pour out song wirelessly by Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System

Compose your surrounding air to gush and thrash your song into jingle with Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System. This modish Speaker System can be brought into play within a range of MP3 players facilitated by Bluetooth, in addition to DAPs and cellular phones. The AV2P stereo Bluetooth handles the wireless connectivity, even though other media device can be linked up by means of the Analogue, USB as well as Optical connections. The Samsung Bluetooth speaker system implements the Hyper-Directional 3Channel Surround Imaging technology of Euphony to endow an affluent flamboyant reverberation result that is apt for music and movies.

Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System

Its qualities are:

  • 5.1 channel system
  • Weighs 1.9 kg
  • 2.0 Bluetooth ranges 10m
  • Measures 400 x 154 x 116mm
  • Min 30W & Max 45W Speaker output
The Speaker automatically switches on as soon as the action sensor becomes aware of a moving person by way of a built-in parallel Bluetooth appliance (MP3 player, Mobile phone). And one can eavesdrop to melody even without losing a part of it. The LED lights blue & gets in motion in the direction of the jingle beat into diverse ranges of tempo and the self-motivated LED give out alpha impression like candlelight. So what are you thinking now? Don’t you want to rock your rooms, your life, and your pitch with such high-quality sound giving speakers? Take a footstep on the road which routes in purchase of these stunning speakers.

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