Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Full of originality & arty design case – Rebel Scholar’s El Lucha Gold

Today’s world carries technology in their hands specially the cellular world and they want everything in their mobile phones. Iphone has satisfied their most demands and requirements. But what is the use of these iphones if they meet only the demands of technology? It should also satisfy you when there is a question of fashion? There is a hot market of fashion, trends and mobile phones. You are of this era than you have to be on the top in these markets. If you have the latest techno mobile and you haven’t encase it in a very artistic and stylish case then you are nowhere in the field of style. Man should give their mobile phones some elegant look by sheathing it in trendy cases. Rebel Scholar has brought very beautiful iPhone cases.One among them is El Lucha Gold.

Rebel Scholar’s El Lucha Gold iphone case

It features:

  • Decorated in golden color
  • Inclusive a set of stickers
  • Transparent case
  • Artistic design

It gives a bizarre impression when you hold in hand or keep it on ear. Its creative work is outstanding as if it has done on fabric. It appears that the golden rays are coming from its glossy surface. If anyone sees it then his words will be full of praise. Other versions apart from El Lucha Gold are Heads of mystery coated with white, Unicorn Pirate colored in Silver, Pitiful Fool hued in Pink, and Heads of mystery in black. These iphone cases have different designs suitable to your designation or personality and sticker gives a final touch to its appearance.

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