Wednesday, December 22, 2010

XPAL Solar Egg shaped gadget compatible to all the devices

Bringing one cutest and simple solar charger, this will efficiently run on the sufficient amount of sunlight just like PUMA phone. Eco-friendly device named as XPAL Solar Egg shaped gadget is an amazing piece of technology. Its flat surface, unique design and smart functions will surprise its users. With an easy sunlight exposure the dynamic gadget will do wonders for you.
XPAL Solar Egg shaped gadget

XPAL Solar Egg shaped gadget supports smart functionality by just hanging it from a Keychain or with a charging capacity of 90% in 4 hours. It is well-equipped with 500mAh internal battery and you do not require any hot or bright sunlight as it can perfectly work under normal light. The company has claim that this dynamic gadget will equally match up various types of devices such as digital cameras and media players. Go ahead and become the owner of smart solar charger…
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