Thursday, December 30, 2010

Universal charger to energize all cell phones in Europe by next year

Good news has hit European continent that is, the giant mobile manufacturers unanimously agreeing on standardizing their charging instrument. Companies like Motorola, Samsung, Apple, RIM, LG, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have opted for micro USB as the common standard for chargers. As this standard is already popular with many portable gadgets, a Universal Charger operating on this standard would cater a solution for millions of mobile phones in EU.

Universal Mobile Charger

The Universal Mobile charger would be available in Europe by next year. We are expecting the implementation on a global level soon so Asian, American continents and the rest of the world would also benefit from it. With that one can be rescued from carting multiple chargers for their many mobile phones and getting lost in the entangled wires of the chargers. Also the plastic chargers thrown when not in use pollutes the environment thus, a universal charger would also help us contribute our bit to the nature.

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