Wednesday, December 29, 2010

USB cell phone booster enhances cellphone signal strength

Often faced with the problem of low signals, one feels claustrophobic when unable to communicate important matter. To reduce this signal deficiency, ThinkGeek has come up with USB Cellphone booster. The device is a couple of USB and an antenna. This claims to enhance your signal strength by two three bars and then you can enjoy the regular functioning of your mobile phones. One just needs to plug the USB in the laptop and place the antenna within a range of 15 feet.

ThinkGeek Cell phone booster

The antenna gets boost from USB port and makes sure the cell phones remain functional. This one seems like one of the laptop accessories but it is not. It just gets energised from laptop and in turn keeps your cell phone boosted. Thus, all you techies with notebooks can avail this energizing device. And if you have any inclination of buying this, it would cost $100 to your pocket.

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