Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nokia N97 Phone is User’s Delight

The most awaited “N” series Nokia phone has hit the market and is on its way to be a big success. It is a phone which combines style and usability. It looks lovely with a nicely crafted metal screen body, easy to press buttons and the strong body built up.

nokia n97 antenna

Let us first talk about the most commendable feature of the Nokia N97 phone which is the GPS connectivity. Unlike other Nokia phones this phone has much improved connectivity with the Nokia N97 Antenna located at the right place. This guarantees you will have fewer GPS connectivity issues when compared apple with an apple.

You can now view your favorite photos and videos clearly and precisely with the large 3.5” screen the mobile phone holds. Also the 5 mp camera will enhance your picture viewing with its clear resolutions.

nokia n97 phone

The Nokia N97 has the highest in built memory as compared to other mobile phones. Yes you have heard it right the inbuilt memory of the mobile phone is an amazing 32GB. You store you store and you store but will not feel short of space.

When you wish to text your friend or just want put up your details then simply slide out the QWERTY keyboard and your palm computer will be in front of you. Though the keys are a bit small they facilitate easy use. It has a d-pad so that you can play the Nokia games smoothly.

nokia n97

The much higher (1500mAh, rather than 1320mAh) capacity battery assures you longer talk time and usability. This will not require you t charge your N97 mobile phone frequently.

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