Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Konnet Power Pyramid charger at $54.99 only

Are you an ardent admirer of upgraded Xbox 360 and PS3 games? Then here comes smashing charger from Konnet it will surely make your experience most enjoyable one. It will revolutionize your gameplay in an interesting manner. As controller play an essential role in your games and they must be fully charged and automatically functions in your hand.
Konnet Power Pyramid charger

Konnet Power Pyramid charger will support perfect control and you will enjoy playing with specifically designed charger to energize the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. It has capability to charge up controllers simultaneously (2 /2 conf. each) or to charge the foursome four Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers as well. This universal charger will electrify you with its stunning capacity and functionality. You will find more convenient for charging or recharging the controller. It’s the right time to requisite and boost up your energy level and allow yourself to explore new dimensions.

Get ready and buy the dashing Konnet Power Pyramid charger at a cost of $54.99 only…

Source : www.varologic.com

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