Tuesday, October 21, 2008

With Retractable USB Charger Cable make you Samsung handsets lighter and clutter free

The Retractable USB Charger Cable comes as the only solutions if you want to rescue the condition where you don’t want to add clutter to your travel bag for charging your gadgets.

It also not only regarded as one of the bestselling accessories for the gadgets like PDA, HSPDAs or smartphone but also the most essential since you won’t be able to sustain if you don’t your devices regularly. The retractable charger solution is available for Samsung F480 G600 i900 Omnia and models as well.

Why retractable cables are focused too much because of the essentiality to beautiful and simple reduction in the bulk and clutter of a traditional cable. It also reduces the weight marginally by a large margin approx. 20 grams instead of 45 grams for a normal cable. And you can charge your Samsung handsets via Laptop giving you extreme portability advantage of using a spare USB port on laptop anywhere you go.

This retractable accessory shrivels upto 4 inches approximately when closed and provides approximately 29 inches cable extension allowing you to move freely or make calls while you are busy hanging on phone. The retractable USB charger cable is compatible with Samsung Armani F210 F400 F480 Tocco F490 F700 G600 G800 i780 i900 Omnia J700 P260 Solid Steel U800 U900 Soul.

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