Friday, October 3, 2008

JBL Creature II 3-Piece speakers system: weird looks, mind-blowing sound

No more sucking by the tiny built-in speakers which makes everything sound like AM radio, because JBL Creature II 3-Piece speakers system is a better way to listen to music.

The speakers look more or less like Darth Vader helmets at first glance, takes 30 seconds for setting up which can be done even by a layman. Both satellite speakers connected to the color coded ports in the back of the subwoofer and the power cable is plugged into the subwoofer. One end of the audio cable goes into the subwoofer, and the other connects to your Mac or PC's headphone or audio jack, and you are done.

The green LEDs give UFO light effect to you desk being located at bottom of the satellite speakers, excellent night lights.

You will be taken away by the touch activated volume control, Just push either plus or minus to adjust the volume of your speakers, doesn’t need pressing hard, light tap works just fine. Just twist the silver knobs on the subwoofer to adjust the bass or treble.

The set of speakers measuring close to the size of my fist produces decent sound which is like amazing. How on earth that kind of full and rich sound can come out of fist sized speakers. The subwoofer’s deep low bass totally fill up an average sized room and can even make your hanging pictures vibrate against the wall. The satellite speakers imparts outstanding compliment to the subwoofer of high- and mid-range frequencies.

The funny and phenomenal JBL Creature II speakers augment the music and movie experiences and sound quality and volume emitted by these inexpensive speakers can bring chagrin to your neighbours.

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