Thursday, October 16, 2008

Does your Nokia N96 has these essential Accessories?

Your Nokia N96 is special and you must also be having a couple of accessories to pamper it. But do you know what else you can add on to your pampered child or buddy however you call it? An ideal Nokia N96 accessory pack must contain fully equipped tool kit to take extra care that this expensive gadget requires. Below are the Featured some of most popular accessories that would augment the use and experience of your Nokia N96, keeping safety and working condition top of the mind.

A Silicone Case

A Silicone Sleeve provides form-fitted protection for your Phone against minor scratches and dents and also the built in heat release pores on the back releases heat and hence, keeps your mobile cool.

Crystal Case

The crystal case made form Made of high quality clear & hard plastic for the Nokia N96 offers exceptionally clear and hard design that fits perfectly and precision machined accessibility ports or holes for keypad and mobile features.

Extended Battery

When you have an extra battery you can always be assure in circumstances of power out and make all important phone calls. This replacement battery is 1000mAh with Standard Specification - 3.7V and Li-Polymer technology. Variation might occur during operation depending on SIM card, network settings and usage.

In Car Charger

In car charger is essential when you are on long drive or if you frequently runs out of power because of heavy usage. So be fully charged even if you are in vehicle. Simply Plugs the charger into the cigarette lighter and get on. This is Light weight and modestly designed one.

In Car Holder

You must have an In car holder for preserving your Nokia N96 against falls and shocks in car. The holder is completely adjustable and the suction mounted holder is made to fit the set allowing windscreen mounting. This Non-permanent solution can be easily repositioned or transferred between vehicles

LCD Screen Protector

The Screen Protector is something indispensable to save the phone against those irritating scars or scratches. Hence the screen must not only protect but also an added contrast to your LCD mobile phone display comes as an icing on cake. The super thin Screen Protector is easy to install that provides long lasting protection against dust, scratches and gouges. The cloth is included

Charger Adapter for Nokia Phones (CA-44 Compatible)

The Charger Adapter enables chargers with 3.5 mm charger plugs to be used with phones with smaller 2.0 mm charger connectors. This is fully compatible with all existing old style Nokia mains & car chargers

Travel charger for the Nokia N96

This travel charger is an Ideal replacement 3-pin mains charger for your mobile phone and also Light weight design and CE approved for piece of mind.

So guys what are you waiting for, go and grab your perfect accessory pack for Nokia N96 today as you never know when you get into trouble.

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