Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Macally TunePro Flat Panel Stereo Speaker & Radio Alarm Clock: A rare combo

Cool, reasonably priced speakers with enhanced drivers was the goal of NXT, the company known for mediocre and flat sound devices. And kudos to NXT, as it realised it with help of Macally TunePro which use mirrored front surface to hide a dual alarm clock, AM/FM radio, and stereo speaker drivers.

Macally TunePro Flat Panel Stereo Speaker & Radio Alarm Clock is a unique device comboning an iPod speaker dock, customizable dual alarm clock, and radio with solid AM and FM tuning. The stereo speaker surface is a flat mirrored panel. The device is logically priced considering looks and features and churns out very good sound.

The TunePro is geared up for all Apple iPod/iPhone devices having 30-pin dock connector (1st and 2nd gen iPod nano, 4th and 5th gen iPod, iPod Photo, and iPod Mini). The universal well dock supports slots for three iPod inserts. The iPod also charges while docked, so can do both the things simultaneously. iPod dock can be as an alarm clock, to wake up to your favourite music.

The gradual volume increase, a sleep timer function and snooze features are there in alarm clock. The dual independent alarm setting enables you to set second alarm later in the day. The clock supports 12- and 24-hour time formats, and the three dimmer display levels to match you mood. The radio features five AM and five FM radio presets.

Apart from features stated above, other features are

  • SRS WOW loudspeaker technology
  • Award winning industrial design with attractive front mirror screen and a Clock display behind
  • Sleep timer function
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Additional Line-in jack for other portable audio devices
  • Slim profile and small footprint design
Macally TunePro Flat Panel Stereo Speaker & Radio Alarm Clock piles up a rare combination of appealing sensual looks, awesome sound, and useful extras features. At £59.53 its damn reasonable for sort of stuff it is. Adding a remote control is what I want to recommend strictly. One of the rarest iPhone 3g accessories you wii ever come across.

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