Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Useful AV Cables are must-have for computer buffs

Your computer and various peripherals cannot function at their best unless they are used with an all together important computer cables such as 3.5 stereo cables; av cables and of course HDMI cable. These cables can really work wonders with their amazing; hidden capabilities ensuring an excellent experience to its users. Av cable at its best!

Undoubtedly HDMI cable have served out to be one of the most powerful of cables when it comes to satisfying numerous audio/video needs; but believe me av cable too have got their own set of significance. You can in fact get an absolute freedom from all those audio/video hassles by equipping with two or three effective types of AV Cables like VGA to TV Converter S-Video & RCA Out Cable Adapter (4 Converter).

VGA cable to TV Converter S-Video & RCA out Cable Adapter (4 Converter) can in fact be used with all your premium gadgets such as your computers; laptops to TVs and even projectors. Basically; it’s a 5 inch cable length with the standard sub-D VGA input RCA TV-output and 4-pin S-video output cable.

It has further got an effective moulded strain relief at both ends with the cable also boasting off a VGA connector on one end and both RCA Jack Video (TV) out and S-Video Out connectors on the other end.

VGA to TV Converter S-Video & RCA out Cable Adapter works pretty easily with laptops and desktops that have VGA cards with TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector.

4 in 1 Component Cable for PS3, PS2, Wii & Xbox 360 that delivers high-definition solution for next generation gaming consoles is another cable that is fast gaining enormous popularity.


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