Friday, March 20, 2009

Best gadgets for Christmas 2008 - Latest Gifts & Gadgets

Christmas is arriving friends and you must be planning your own ways to celebrate it with Christmas carols, gifts, decorations—including the Christmas tree, lights, mistletoe etc. but if you are planning to gift yourself something in gadgets then the ones that are listed here are not only best and most suitable for you but also in vogue.

Check them out below:

1. The WiFi 7" Digital Photo Frame – capture your precious moments and always keep them beside you via the Digital Photo Frame in top quality. Keep in touch with your family and friends by sharing photographs not only via Bluetooth but also its own email address.

2. Silverlit RC TandemZ – a helicopter Styled like legendary military rescue and transport Chinook twin-rotor helicopters, it features super wide infrared control and can endure most collisions and fly with an exceptional level of steadiness.

3. Thrustmaster Glow Saber Duo Pack for Nintendo Wii – all those nintendo wii fans we have got you the Pack of 2 different laser sabres for Wiimote on Nintendo Wii. Simply slide the Wii remote into the hollow compartment in the saber handle and chill on it.

4. Glow Flow LED Faucet Tap Light – This LED Faucet Light gives a mystical coloured lighting look to splashing water coming out tap. The adaptors are included which are Universal and fit the nozzles of most standard taps.

5. RC Radio Controlled Outdoor Helicopter – the Radio Controlled Helicopters are not pricey anymore. This RC Helicopters is unbelievable with amazing easy control systems. This awesome remote controlled helicopter works in the range of over 100m.

6. USB Jellyfish Tank – do you want to add more cheer and make your Christmas blissful then the LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp can do it all and besides this it’s a wonderful stress buster.

7. AstroStar Light Projector – to regain back those twinkling nights of the past is next to impossible in this polluted world so the AstroStar Light Projector can get those missing out beauties the stars twinkling in the sky at night. No one knows real Santa cross the threshold of you home in sparkling night of Christmas!

8. 4GB Secret Pen-Shaped Pocket Spy Camera Digital Video Recorder -If you are keen to click the funny moments without letting anyone notice you then the spy pen is idyllic. Pin in your shirt pocket or pretend as if you are busy working and writing like a normal pen. Surprise everyone with their own weird and funny pictures that they even though of.

9. RC Mini Forklift Challenge Set – ‘Bob the builder’ fans have a perfect chance to play around with miniaturised commercial vehicles which are radio controlled. The forklift trucks are a great alternative to any other mode of transportation can create a good fun for 2 players.

10. Silverlit Pico Sky Challenger – no this really cannot give arise to blitzkrieg in the air however, 2 players can get hand on to the Battle ground via this set containing two opponents flying mini RC helicopters equipped with infra-red beams.

11. Digital Film Scanner –the people before the age of digital photography, must have conserved the films capturing their precious past moments. This handy gadget can bring old film and slides right up to date by scanning them at high resolutions and then converting them to jpegs, or a range of other useful digital formats.

12. Silverlit VBeat Air Guitar – the people failed in their guitar experience in past need not loose confidence because the motion-sensing electronic guitar simulator would help you through Pre-programmed rhythms and an instructive guide serving as your mentor.

13. Gupi V3 Interactive Pet – are you an anti-pet sort of person but its really hard for you to persuade your stubborn kid insisting on to have a pet, you may try Gupi V3 Interactive Pet which looks cuddly cute and feels same as the real one.

14. USB Missile Launcher – go belligerent with this Missile launcher and don’t let anyone who clutters your desk or tries to ransack it. Simply Plug in the USB, target with the mouse and Fire.

15. Sudoku Cube – brain teasers lover and especially sudoku freaks have finally something for them which can insure them maximum portability as far as sodoku is concerned. Now if you don’t have sodoku in your mobile phone, you need not worry.

16. Wii Fit Wii fit symbolizes the era of virtual fitness. Now video games are no longer left for making you couch-potato, instead it can help you put down weight absolutely contradictory to the image video games have earned from parents long back. So play, exercise and be fit.


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