Monday, September 6, 2010

The coolest and prominent Apple iPhone 4 accessories

The Apple iPhone 4 is really a remarkable piece. It covers almost all the areas of communication and excels in all. And not only this apple has launched a series of iPhone 4 accessories to guard and make the iPhone 4 perform at its best. The list goes long but the few which are really outstanding and in demand are as follows:s long but the few which are really outstanding and in demand are as follows:

•    Bumpers for iPhone 4:

Decorate your iPhone 4 with the colourful and fashionable Bumpers. They come in funky six colours- white, green, blue, orange, pink and black. It has the metal buttons for volume and power and the two tone colours giving a unique look as well as the combination of rubber and moulded plastic really make it more than a bumper.

•    iPod +Nike Sensor

This wireless sensor is compatible with the iPod nano, iPod touch and even with the iPhone 3GS to track your workouts. All you need to do is to insert the sensor into the built-in pocket beneath the insole of the Nike + shoe and then couple it with the Nike + iPod receiver which is attached to the iPod nano. If you carry an iPod touch or iPhone 3GS then all need to track your workout is simply this sensor. With their built-in support for the Nike + iPod the iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS can give all the benefits of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit without the extra receiver. It is the perfect replacement for the lost or the one with exhausted its battery sensor.

•    Apple In-Ear-Headphones

 Listening to music was never as incredible as now with the Apple In-Ear-Headphones. Each piece has two high performance drivers- a woofer and a tweeter which give the rich and accurate sound reproduction and excellent bass response for all music types. The amazing feature is that a control capsule is located on the cable of the right earpiece which has a microphone and three buttons. One can adjust volume, control music, record voice memos on supported devices and answer and end calls. And the high quality material used is the added advantage. So rediscover the music as never before with the Apple In-Ear-Headphones.

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