Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Otterbox Defender Case – Choosing the Perfect Cell Phone Case

Today, there are some great, outstanding quality iphone cases in the market. These Apple iphone Cases, range from cool to trendy to smooth and fashionable. One such iphone case would be the Otterbox Defender iphone Case.

Unlike other iphone cases, the Otterbox Defender iphone Case provides complete control over the user interactivity and enables users to operate the iphone volume controls, touch screen and camera functions. This semi-rugged yet silky and 4.81”x2.675 x”.76” slim case us water proof and hence safeguards the iphone from outside harmful conditions. Although not 100% waterproof, the Otterbox iPhone case is efficient in protection from rain or a small down pour. When you are on the move and wish to take your iphone along, you need not take the case off.

The Offerbox Defender has three layers of protection. The protective surfaces work as a shield, covering the iphone at all times,whether you are using the iphone or it’s lying idle.


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