Friday, July 10, 2009

Mobile Phone Accessories – dress up your mobile phone

Now a day, Mobile Phones become first choice of every human being not only as the medium of communication but also for their entertainment. It is easily available and reasonable in cost. It comes in the following three categories, General, Business, and Entertainment. Only the basic features like, dialling and receiving the voice call, text messaging (SMS), etc. comes in the category of General. The additional features like, inbuilt camera, sound, games, FM radio, GPRS, 3G, GPS etc. add the value to mobile phones and come under the category of entertainment. Generally, we have to depend on our computer or laptop to use Microsoft office package, emailing via outlook etc. where many mobile phone providers in the market those support same business applications.

As the sales of mobile phones increases, the demand of the mobile phone accessories has been also increased. The mobile phone accessories are playing a vital role to make the mobile phones easier to use. Following are the examples of these accessories;

- Handsfree, Bluetooth headset
- Mobile phone leather case
- Chargers
- Data cables
- Extended Memory cards

Out of all above accessories, most of the manufacturer provides handsfree, charger and data cable which can be different in design and colour. The most popular accessory is Bluetooth headset because it is very convenient especially while driving to receive a call. By using data cable, you can able to surf the internet on your laptop or computer from mobile network service provider.

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