Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Controller Grip for unaltered game play

Gamers have one common plight that is the controllers slip out of their hands at times especially after long gaming sessions. Are you the one with the same problem? Then Joytech provides you with a readymade solution. Controller Grip for Wii controller sorts out the issue of fragile grip

The Wii remote can comfortably rest in the Joytech Controller Grip and the gamer can enjoy the game. The grip is carved out of tenacious plastic and forbids slipping. The form of it provides you with the feel of operating a classic game controller than your remote. The clip and play design assures its befitting for your Wii remote. Well structured to cater ergonomic clasp the controller grip would give you a full proof gaming experience.

It would cost you around $9.95.

source : varologic

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